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NGV Community.com presents to Members and Visitors with a library resource of documents, whitepaper, installation manuals, software and others. We have searched the world wide web to compile and make available the materials for your convenience.  


NGV Community.com will continue to compile and upload any new documents, contributed by other members of this community. If you have any document that NGV Beginners should have and read, kindly send an email with document attachment to drxander@ngvcommunity.com.



Community Library

CategoriesFiles(Total Downloads)

folder icon NGV 101 For NGV Beginners
10 (Total:17145)

NGV 101 Library contains documents to demostrate and explain CNG-NGV Technolgy and Conversion as written by professionals in NGV industry. Some documents are written with the intention to explain NGV in technical jargon, which may be difficult for non-technical readers to grasp.


folder icon General NGV
28 (Total:28657)
This sub-Library provide information on NGV in general.

folder icon Safety & Standards
8 (Total:20042)

Information on safety issues and published standards or draft standards affecting natural gas vehicles can be found in this section.

Listings of standards applicable in each country can also be found here (countries beginning with A-K) and here (countries beginning with L-Z).

folder icon Technical NGV
18 (Total:25315)

This section presents all-out Technical Information pertaining to NGV.

folder icon Manuals Downloads
16 (Total:31305)

This sub-library contains Installation Manual of CNG-NGV Conversion Kit, Electronics and other equipment. Manual Downloads is open to Members only.

folder icon Software Downloads
3 (Total:2967)
This sub-Library contains a Interface Software of CNG-NGV Kit Manufacturers.

folder icon Video Downloads
6 (Total:5292)
This sub-Library contains video downloads on NGV.

folder icon Other Documents
7 (Total:7820)
This sub-Library contains documents and whitepapers that are related to NGV.

folder icon CNG-NGV Catalogues And Brochures
1 (Total:1691)
This sub-Library contains CNG-NGV product catalogues and brochures, submitted by CNG-NGV manufacturers worldwide. It also include CNG-NGV Conversion brochures and leaflets for local marketing purposes.

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