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CNG-NGV Information Guide for NGV Beginners


CNG-NGV Information Guide for NGV Beginners (NGV 101)

Written and Presented by Dr. Xander Thong (MVLK Certified Gas Installer, Malaysia)






Welcome to NGV Community.com and our NGV Beginners' Information Guide. Based on our own personal experiences, we, at NGV Community.com understands the monumental tasks that's involved in obtaining information pertaining to NGV conversions, which at  best; difficult to find, and at worst; next to impossible to find, especially for potential new NGV Users. But nonetheless, information about  the NGV Industry is abundant if you know where to find it from the internet.

Thus, NGV Community.com is now trying to resolve this problem by providing  'Consumer-based Information' on CNG-NGV Conversion under the  headings of General or Technical perspective.


Note: The following guides provided can be found in the NGV FAQ section. Step 1 to 5 is a summary from NGV FAQ, and we strongly recommend that you should visit the NGV FAQ section later on. 



Step 1 - Information Guide to Online Publications on CNG-NGV (NGV Associations)


NGV Beginners will be able to obtain an enormous amount of information on Worldwide NGV Associations. Here is the list of NGV Associations around the world:


(a) NGV Community.com Worldwide at www.ngvcommunity.com

(b) International Association of NGV (IANGV) at www.iangv.org

(c) Asia-Pacific NGV Association (ANGVA) at www.angva.org

(d) Camara Argentina Sel Gas Natural Comprimido at www.gnc.org.ar

(e) European NGV Association at www.engva.org

(f) Canadian NGV Association at www.ngvcanada.org

(g) NGV Association of India at www.ngvai.org

(h) NGV Association UK at www.ngva.co.uk

(i) NGV Coalition of USA at www.ngvc.org

(j) NGV of Holland at www.ngv-holland.nl

(k) Chilean NGV Association at www.gnv.cl

(l) German NGV Association at www.erdgasfahrzeuge.de

(m) Italian NGV Consortium at www.ngvsystem.it

(n) Portuguese NGV Association at www.apvgn.pt

(o) Swiss NGV Association at www.erdgasfahren.ch

(p) French NGV Association at www.afngv.info




Step 2 - NGV News Update from Online News Publishers


We recommend that you should at least visit either one or all of the following Online News Publishers on NGV Development and Progress.


(a) NGV Communication Group at www.ngvgroup.com

(b) NGV Global (by IANGV) at www.ngvglobal.com




Step 3 - Visit and Browse CNG-NGV Equipment Manufacurers


Before proceeding to the next NGV 101 topics, it is best that NGV Beginners make visits to some CNG-NGV Equipment Manufacturers' websites. This is the most common Virtual Research among NGV Beginners, and it is essential that new NGV Beginners should NOT take any short-cuts (as this effort will eventually improve and sharpen your knowledge on the topic of CNG-NGV.)


(a) NGV Guide or Directory at www.ngvguide.com

Kindly select the 'Aftermarket Conversion', 'Pressure Regulator/Mixers', 'Cylinders For Vehicle-NGV' and any other areas that's of interest to you.

Do visit the websites of the respective companies as listed below.  



(b) Landi Renzo S.p.A at www.landirenzo.com

 A reputed CNG-NGV / LPG equipment manufacturer in Italy with excellent pictures and detailed explanation. Several NGV 101 topics that use visual materials (graphics + diagram) are from Landi Renzo SPA.

Please note that this guide is in no way meant to be an advertisement for Landi Renzo SpA. 



(c) Lo.gas SRL at www.lo-gas.com

A reputed CNG-NGV / LPG equipment manufacturer in Italy with a generous amount of free document downloads.

Please note that this guide is in no way meant to be an advertisement for Lo.Gas SRL. 


(d) Tomasetto Achille S.p.A at www.tomasetto.it   

A reputed CNG-NGV / LPG equipment manufacturer in Italy and Argentina with excellent pictures and detailed explanation. 

Please note that this guide is in no way meant to be an advertisement for Tomasetto Achille SpA.




Step 4 - Visit and Browse leading NGV Training Schools


(a) Natural Gas Vehicle Institue (USA & South Korea) at www.ngvi.com

NGVI is North America's leading provider of training and consulting services on subjects related to Natural Gas as an alternative vehicle fuel.



(b) Natural Gas Vehicle School (Asia Pacific) at www.ngvschool.org  

This school has been operating under the joint cooperation between Kangwon National Unversity, South Korea and ANGVA in creating professional technicians for the Natural Gas Vehicle Industry.




Step 5 - Search and Browse by entering  'NGV' or 'Natural Gas Vehicle' as the keyword.


Keyword: NGV, Natural Gas Vehicle, CNG, Compressed Natural Gas, GNV.


(a) Google Search at www.google.com

(b) Yahoo Search at www.yahoo.com

(c) Wikipedia Search at www.wikipedia.org

(d) Howstuffworks at www.howstuffworks.com



NGV Community.com Recommends:



NGV Community Logo


At NGV Community.com, we strongly recommend that you visit and browse the above mentioned websites. Your efforts will be  handsomely rewarded as this is the necessary foundation to understanding the remaining NGV 101 topics. For us, we have journeyed through the above websites and obtained a good grasp on NGV issues. We recommend the same for you, and happy rummaging / happy reading.







Written and presented by Dr. Xander Thong

(If you have noticed any error or inaccuracy, kindly email and notify to drxander@ngvcommunity.com)




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