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CNG-NGV Definition: Non-Users vs NGV Users


CNG-NGV Definition: Non - Users vs NGV Users 

Compiled and Presented by Dr. Xander Thong (MVLK Certified Gas Installer, Malaysia)






The issue about defining what is NGV is almost inconclusive. True enough, that you would have some basic definition on CNG-NGV from the previous reading in NGV Community.com's NGV 101 on Information Guide.  There are various versions of definitions by CNG-NGV industrialists, scientists, engineers, technicians and professionals. Some definitions are general in nature and some are very technical.



At this junction, NGV Community.com would like  to provide several other CNG-NGV definitions that are rarely made known in NGV literatures and also definitions from the perspective of NGV Beginners and NGV Users. As a matter of fact, NGV Beginners (non-user yet) has a very different definition (or understanding) about CNG-NGV. As for NGV Users, we have changed our definition standpoints beginning from the first moment of using CNG-NGV.




DEFINITION OF NGV :  Non-Users and/or NGV Beginners



Non-NGV Users (or existing Petrol\Gasoline users)


Petrol Users




Non-Users are known to define CNG-NGV in the following statements:

(a) CNG-NGV: Is loss of power.

(b) CNG-NGV: Is expensive to install.

(c) CNG-NGV: Is meant for public transport.

(d) CNG-NGV: Is meant to be taxicab fuel (in certain countries).

(e) CNG-NGV: Is very long waiting queue (in certain countries).

(f) CNG-NGV: Is an inferior fuel (in certain countries).



On the average, Non-NGV Users' definition are negative in perspective. It is obvious that we cannot blame them in defining NGV negatively. Most of these Non-NGV Users have never owned or driven a CNG-fueled vehicle before in their lifes. Perhaps, the future will bring a difference when petrol (gasoline) prices are extremely exorbitant, or CNG-NGV vehicle becomes as common as EFI cars nowadays. The progress of strict Vehicle Emission Regulations are making CNG a better long-term alternative fuel.


 At NGV Community, we are confident that potential NGV Users will  surely be put-off or discouraged about using NGV as an immediate Alternative Fuel, if they ever asked Non-NGV Users opinion. In time, it will be revealed that Non-NGV Users are biased and commenting unfairly on NGV that is in fact as new to them as to you now. Non-NGV Users does not 'walk the talk' on NGV, but just 'hear-the-talk', and repeat the 'talk-the-talk' to you.


Ask a Non-NGV user: Have you ever driven a NGV vehicle for at least a week? it is likely the answer will be "No". So how will he/she know what it is like.


 As for NGV Users, it is important to bear in mind that he/she must have driven on CNG-NGV fuel for at least over 1 week. It is very likely that he/she has refilled at least 5 times (about 750 km) and driven primarily on CNG-NGV fuel. We have encountered people driving NGV vehicle, but using  petrol full-time. The most significant part of being a NGV User is at the refilling stations, where he/she will experience first-hand the $avings behind CNG as a fuel, and the speed of refilling.


In addition, he/she will also get to meet up with other NGV Users, who have already converted their own cars,  as reinforcement that his/her decision to convert was right.






NGV Users (or existing CNG  + Petrol\Gasoline users)


Picture Source: http://www.supercarnews.net/2005-mercedes-benz-e200-ntg


CNG Refilling



The NGV Users have very different view about CNG-NGV alternative fuel. Before, most of us are petrol (gasoline) users for more than 5-10 years, and now we are primarily using CNG, while occasionally on petrol (gasoline). The following is how we define CNG-NGV:


(a) CNG-NGV: Is very cheap as compared to petrol\diesel prices.

(b) CNG-NGV: Is 60%-70% savings against petrol\diesel costs on a monthly basis.

(c)  It's a mistake to ignore CNG-NGV, when it is so much more economical per mile cost compared to petrol\diesel.

(d) CNG-NGV: Is clean with longer engine maintenance intervals.

(e) CNG-NGV: Can  really give a smoother drive and the car feels lighter.

(f)  If you are thinking of Going Green, Go NGV.

(g) CNG-NGV: Is a long term investment against depleting world oil reserves.

(h) CNG-NGV: Is economy mode, while switching to petrol is power mode! (Bi-fuel only)



In fact, a definition list can go on for a while. More importantly, NGV Beginners must know that NGV Users will never change or revert back to using petrol only. The CNG-NGV economy is impossible to ignore, while NGV Users are also proud that we are contributing to a cleaner environment. In a small way, NGV Users are at least doing their bit to reduce Global Warming.   


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Document Download Icon CNG Cylinder 101, Download Here


Document Download Icon How Safe is NGV?, Download Here












Compiled and presented by Dr. Xander Thong

(If you have noticed any error or inaccuracy, kindly email and notify to drxander@ngvcommunity.com)






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