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Collapse This Category All You Need to Know About NGV(USEFUL INFORMATION)    
Forum Locked Get to Know about NGV/CNG Kits and terminology
>>> READ ME FIRST if you are Beginner NGV Users <<<

To get to know about the basic NGV/CNG terminology and each of the NGV parts and component. This will help you to understand better in the Beginner and Advance of NGV User Sections.

13 13 23/07/2006
05:17:36 AM
by: admin Jump to Last Post
Forum Locked For Beginner NGV User (A Must Read!)

If you are a beginner and just started to know about NGV. Please read this topics before proceeding to participate in the ask the Expert session.

10 10 22/01/2007
09:43:39 AM
by: NGVInfo Jump to Last Post
Forum Locked For Advance NGV User

If you are existing NGV user and would like to know more about NGV. Please read this section for more technical information about NGV.

6 6 24/01/2007
7:27:50 PM
by: NGVInfo Jump to Last Post
Forum Locked NGV-Related Video

This section provides downloadable video related to NGV industry. You are required to install Microsoft Window Media Player (or wmv player). Permission on video download are granted by their respective authors.

4 4 25/10/2007
12:10:59 AM
by: admin Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Recommended NGV Cylinder Brands (Audited Reported)    
Forum Locked What Should A Good & Safe NGV Cylinder Brand Be
If you want to know how to evaluate good and safe NGV Cylinder brand, this is the section that you should read. It provides the minimum criteria that any cylinder importer should have. It is an unbiased and factual-based evaluation process.

0 0   admin  
Forum Locked Sing Swee Bee - BTIC JP Cylinders (All Types)
This section provides an audited report on Sing Swee Bee Sdn Bhd, a South East Asian gas cylinder importer company. Their HQ is based in Singapore since 1978. NGV has audited their importation processes (ISO 11439 - Cylinder Production Standards), warehousing, aftersales service consumer support (ISO 19078 Cylinder Retesting) and SSB Dealer Business Supports.

This is a strongly recommended brand based on safety, after sales services, and business supports through dealership.

1 1 17/08/2009
6:29:03 PM
by: drxander Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category 1NGV Platform Programme By Dr Xander Thong    
Forum Locked 1NGV Platform Programme By Dr Xander Thong
1NGV Platform Programme aims to provide protection to NGV Buyers and Users against illegal, rogue and reckless NGV Installers.

1NGV is developed based on a 5-S Concept for NGV Safety Assurance.
1 1 19/07/2009
11:08:46 PM
by: drxander Jump to Last Post
Forum Locked Reason in Creating 1NGV Platform Programme
1NGV Platform Programme is created from the NGV 2008: Bloom, Bluff and Bust. Its objective to unite, protect and promote the healthy and safe NGV Conversion/usage for all NGV Buyers, Users, Importers, Authorities and Installers.

1 4 19/07/2009
12:34:32 AM
by: admin Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category NGV Conversion Info-Hub    
Forum Locked Classified - Licensed NGV Installers
These are the Paid-Advertising NGV Installers available through West Malaysia. Only Licensed Installers are permitted to advertise in this forum and expected to comply with SIRIM MS1096 standards for NGV Conversion.

0 0   admin  
Old Posts SIRIM MS1096 - NGV Conversion (1997)

This is the summary version of SIRIM 1096:1997 that NGV Installers must comply with. Reading the below will provide you with areas of concern and considerations, before and after conversion has taken place. This summary is written by Dr Xander Thong, Certified Installer and co-founder of

44 44 24/05/2018
4:03:16 PM
by: Leslie2017 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts After Conversion: JPJ & Puspakom Endorsement

This section provides for NGV users to carry a NGV Vehicle Inspection by Puspakom and Grant endorsement by JPJ. This process is compulsory for all NGV-converted vehicles.

7 11 14/05/2018
5:31:46 PM
by: Amy li Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category NGV Repair/Services Info-Hub    
Old Posts Classified - Repair/Service NGV Workshops

These are the Paid-Advertising Repair/Service NGV Workshop available through West Malaysia. They specialise in troubleshooting, repairing and servicing NGV vehicles to comply with NGV Manufacturer specification or SIRIM MS1096 standards.

4 4 02/12/2015
09:58:50 AM
by: BThommmi Jump to Last Post
Old Posts DR NGV - Known Problems

This section provides the known problemto intermittent, continuous and/or erratic NGV problems to the vehicle engine. Commonly, it arises from poor installer knowledge or unethical conversion methods (omission of genuine/essential parts).

4 6 31/03/2018
5:03:56 PM
by: Amy li Jump to Last Post
Forum Locked Genuine NGV Spare Parts Available
This section provides a basic guide to Genuine NGV Spare Parts which are made available directly to consumers. These parts include SGI interface cable, gas filters, repair kits and others.

6 6 29/09/2010
11:10:50 AM
by: duniahijau Jump to Last Post
admin, drxander  
Collapse This Category NGV Malaysia Updates    
Old Posts NGV Development - Updates
This section provides NGV Development Updates suitable for NGV Regulator, Suppliers, Installers and Malaysian NGV users. All articles are written by Dr Xander Thong, NGV Industry Leader (email:

8 18 29/12/2014
4:09:56 PM
by: SatTercegep Jump to Last Post
admin, drxander  
Collapse This Category About the NGV Community    
Visit Members Only! Members Only!
Important for all members: Please read our Disclaimer and Guidelines

Forum Locked About the NGV

NGV is co-founded by Dr Xander Thong (DR NGV) and Mr Phillip Ng (DR ICT). This web portal is holdly owned by DR Xander Thong and Mr Phillip Ng. We welcome you, as along you abide by the web portal rules and regulations.

Dr Xander Thong provides NGV with NGV content, experience, advices and technical information necessary for all NGV Users to operate a healthy and reliable NGV vehicle.

Mr Phillip NGV provides NGV with the latest web-systems for easy to use and content management system (CMS).

22 51 10/01/2009
3:27:48 PM
by: bwlim Jump to Last Post
Old Posts SHOUTBOX is Here!

As requested! The popular ShoutBox is here. I will utilize the forum engine for posting.

You can post comments, feelings, complaints, ideas and feedback in this shoutbox in 3 languages (Eng/Mal/Chi中文). It is like a mini chat room or guestbook. For register user only. If you are not a member, please register today. It's FREE!. This shoutbox will be used in the future cms!

Make it short and if possible do not include the signature.

250 2451 22/05/2018
4:04:04 PM
by: Amy li Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Forumer: Question and Answer Section    
Old Posts DrX on Often Repeated Questions

On often Repeated Questions, Dr Xander Thong is providing a quick and easy-to-read answers on most popular and frequently asked questions. This will represents a snappy review on technical, costs & ngv conversion.

5 14 04/08/2008
10:34:26 PM
by: cpchin Jump to Last Post
Old Posts List of Frequently Ask Question & Answer

List of frequently ask question and answer.

113 928 03/03/2016
11:36:37 PM
by: Adalinfer Jump to Last Post
Old Posts If you have a question to Ask the Expert?

Please write your question here. Any member in this community are allow to answer. Members Only!

346 2613 11/12/2014
6:18:41 PM
by: jazleonsk4 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Common NGV Converted Car list

List of common converted car list. Please post your NGV converted car here and has been running without problem.

Use this template
Make :
Type (Carburetor/Fuel Injection) :
When Converted :

27 421 29/09/2015
09:47:22 AM
by: coolman Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Can I convert my Car?

Post your question here if you interested to convert your car and but not in the common NGV converted list. For those that converted without problem, please help to share your experience here and post in the common converted list. Thanks

123 1253 26/02/2016
6:02:09 PM
by: Adalinfer Jump to Last Post
Old Posts ROI and How to Save about RM4000 per year

If you have RM4000, where would you invest? Saving , Fixed Deposit , Unit Trust or NGV Conversion? Read it here .

1 11 21/04/2010
10:04:27 PM
by: vic_bptan Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Share Your NGV Experience and Comments Here    
Old Posts Share your NGV Experience & Testimonial Here
Share your NGV Testimonial & experience here after installing NGV. Some might have problem initially where car not run smooth and how and where to solve it.
Indicate how does the NGV conversion help you and why do you convert? This testimonial will be use for promoting the NGV.
69 616 28/02/2016
9:36:38 PM
by: ElviraGag Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Share your NGV research, knowledge and links here
Please share your NGV research articles, knowledge and links to the NGV/CNG kits website here
26 141 10/05/2016
5:06:43 PM
by: drnajwaalan Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Share your NGV Trip
Share your NGV trip in Malaysia. Please indicate your starting point and destination. travel distance, amount of gas pump, travel speed and techniques.
28 223 02/04/2012
08:44:54 AM
by: vic_bptan Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Submit your car travel distance with NGV
Submit your car mileage here. Please give you car maker(proton) and model (Wira 1.5A). Please mention your driving condition city (%) or highway (%) . Cylinder type used? (55L, 57L, 62L or 70L)
Average full tank of gas cost?
15 209 17/02/2016
9:55:48 PM
by: Adalinfer Jump to Last Post
Old Posts NGV Problems
Share your NGV problem before / after installing and how you solve it, or looking for help and advice.
131 1492 28/05/2015
10:51:05 AM
by: WillieDyes Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category News , Announcement and Information    
Old Posts Alternative Fuel Discussion
Alternative fuel for the future.
26 124 10/08/2012
12:36:23 PM
by: Avanza 1.5 Jump to Last Post
Forum Locked Announcements & Events
Latest Announcements or Events from the community.
14 15 29/04/2008
2:31:47 PM
by: admin Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Knowledge Sharing For NGV Installers in Malaysia
Any Information that help NGV installers in their NGV conversion for various cars and problems solving. All installers and member are welcome to contribute their findings and share it here.
9 110 07/03/2016
02:55:45 AM
by: Adalinfer Jump to Last Post
Old Posts NGV Rumours
Any NGV gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth) passed around are welcome.
46 269 17/09/2009
1:07:04 PM
by: bencklim Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Report of Spam
If anyone suspect any spamming going around in the forum. Please post it here. Thanks.
3 20 08/09/2009
8:32:59 PM
by: geoffreylee Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Useful Articles and Links
Useful article and knowledge about ngv, car, fuel consumption, environment and etc.
41 70 24/02/2009
9:32:33 PM
by: vic_bptan Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Malaysia Online NGV News
Malaysia Online NGV News (Online and Newspaper)
107 241 22/06/2015
6:53:02 PM
by: macaiwood Jump to Last Post
Old Posts World Online NGV News
World Online NGV News (Thailand, Singapore, India and etc) (Online and Newspaper)
63 82 23/07/2016
4:14:57 PM
by: MariSmirPn Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Get to Know Each Others    
Old Posts Introduce yourself here. Get to Know Each Others.
You can introduce yourself here and chat with the people in the Community. Subscription available for the email.
69 333 06/12/2015
09:43:18 AM
by: Azmie68 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Members Help Members
For those members that need help from other members urgently. Not selling here.
9 94 01/04/2011
12:03:33 AM
by: yan88 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Misc Topics
Any topics that non-NGV related. Like sharing of good article, joke, humor, website, quote and etc.
123 344 24/05/2018
4:48:02 PM
by: Leslie2017 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Post interesting topic / opinion here
Just post any topics / opinions here if it does not belong to any of the category above.
72 301 13/06/2011
8:47:02 PM
by: bwlim Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category NGV Download    
Old Posts NGV Community Photo Gallery
If you have pictures to share with us. Please uploaded to the photo gallery.
9 30 08/09/2015
5:32:13 PM
by: BernarSed Jump to Last Post
Old Posts NGV Related Documents
Please post any NGV related documents available online here. You can post the link to the file here. Or if you wish to upload into the server. Please email to me.
13 26 07/06/2011
1:34:07 PM
by: ytina8 Jump to Last Post
New Posts Latest NGV Station in Malaysia (Softcopy)
In Malaysia, currently all NGV STATIONS are operated by Petronas under their wholly owned subsidary Petronas NGV Sdn Bhd.
Download the latest list of NGV Station in Malaysia and to know the best time to fill up the ngv gas.
24 203 12/06/2018
9:21:19 PM
by: idrz193 Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category How to Advertise in this forum?    
Old Posts Advertise in NGV Community Forum for more leads!
Hundreds of potential NGV users, Installers, Manufacturer, Dealers, Gas Station Installer visit this forum daily (currently on average 20,000 hits per month) and many may be looking for a NGV parts, NGV Services or NGV car conversion. Here's a chance for you to make your services known to them, whether you sell your products or services. Visitors are from all over the world such as Malaysia, America, Thailand, Singapore, Argentina, Italy, India, Pakistan, Japan and Europe countries.

Check out the promotional price and view the latest NGV Community statistic of the site.

5 8 26/07/2011
2:11:46 PM
by: Avanza 1.5 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Banner Exchange
If you have more than 5000 hits per month and your viewers are mostly Malaysian, we are gladly to exchange our banner with you to promote the NGV together.
3 5 22/06/2008
11:53:13 PM
by: liewss80 Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category NGV Station by Area (Best Filling Time) 68    
Old Posts Klang Valley (53)
Total NGV Station in Klang Valley updated as at 26 February 2008.
74 431 07/03/2015
10:06:03 PM
by: ir2376 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Johor (8)
Total NGV Station in Johor updated as at 26 February 2008.
20 147 10/05/2016
5:09:40 PM
by: drnajwaalan Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Negeri Sembilan (3)
Total NGV Station in Negeri Sembilan updated as at 16 May 2007.
6 43 01/11/2008
9:11:34 PM
by: markmoses Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Penang (1)
Total NGV Station in Penang updated as at 16 April 2006.
10 141 17/01/2011
08:10:16 AM
by: vic_bptan Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Melaka (3)
Total NGV Station in Melaka updated as at 26 February 2008.
12 133 01/05/2011
04:14:28 AM
by: prachasiacy Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Buy/Sell/Job Forum    
Old Posts NGV Car For Sales
For those NGV Community that wish to sell his NGV Car in NGV Community.
109 290 04/12/2015
1:16:58 PM
by: BThommmi Jump to Last Post
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