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Driving to Lumut during school holiday

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Printed on: 29/07/2016


Topic author: cpchin
Subject: Driving to Lumut during school holiday
Posted on: 08/08/2008 9:09:12 PM

I have planned for my kid's holiday in Pangkor Island Beach Resort this coming school holiday.

What is the best route to take from USJ Subang Jaya to the maximise the use of CNG.


Reply author: lyonking
Replied on: 09/08/2008 4:39:43 PM

If possible take this station....
Subang - Rawang - Ijok or vice versa.
This is only routes that I know. U can use Gutrie Highway to reach Ijok..Others suggestion from dear forumner?


Reply author: cpchin
Replied on: 10/08/2008 01:12:02 AM


After going through the ngv locator, I will use Guthrie Highway to reach Ijok and fill up my tank.

From there, I will continue my journey to Lumut. Most probably, the CNG will run out at Sitiawan.

On my way home, will run on petrol until Ijok.

Wonder why Petronas never build NGV station in Lumut when the gas pipe run through Lumut.

Reply author: lyonking
Replied on: 10/08/2008 1:28:17 PM

Yea...Ijok is last station to fill in CNG before your journey to Pangkur...You're right,Lumut should have one due to this area is link with gas line. Furthermore,surrounding Lumut is tourist attraction and a vehicle equip with NGV will go there for holiday.

Happy journey..


Reply author: sni2007
Replied on: 11/08/2008 09:45:15 AM

You can use this road..

With Toll.
Subang - guthrie h'way - jln kuala selangor (towards Ijok) - ijok (refill ngv) sabak bernam - hutan melintang - setiawan - lumut.

without toll at all..
subang (take subang jaya toward subang airport )- persiaran kerjaya (towards stadium shah alam / giants hypermarket) - bt. arang h'way (follow to sign kpg. melayu subang / bt. arang / k. selangor) - puncak alam junction - jln k. selangor - ijok (refill ngv) - sabak bernam - hutan melintang - setiawan - lumut.

* you save rm1.00 (bt. 3) + rm1.60 (guthrie) = rm2.60

happy journey!

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