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Kenapa orang tidak ada niat nak guna ngv lagi..

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Printed on: 29/07/2016


Topic author: norazura
Subject: Kenapa orang tidak ada niat nak guna ngv lagi..
Posted on: 28/09/2009 10:29:02 AM

kenapa org ramai tahu bila minyak turun RM1.80,,Terus batalkan niat untuk menggunakan ngv.Sebenarnya ngv itu Lebih Jimat Lagi pada petrol,,fikir2 kanlah.


Reply author: vic_bptan
Replied on: 28/09/2009 10:10:59 PM

well, the gov promise to build more NGV station, but look at it, what happen, empty promised only... if all the state have ngv station at strategic location, y not...

Reply author: admin
Replied on: 29/09/2009 12:22:01 AM

There are three possible reasons:

(a) The confidence factor (Keyakinan Kebaikan NGV)
There is a lack of confidence among non-users. Since June 2008, non-users hear numerous stories about NGV problems, such as lack of power, engine problem, and most importantly, EXPLOSIONS (unfortunately linked to NGV).

People's confidence on NGV has gone down 6 feet under ground, since petrol is RM1.80 now (cheaper by RM0.12 on a lower grade fuel RON95 comparing to RON97). Common sense tells that it is cheaper to use RON95, than convert to NGV at an upfront cost between RM3,000 to RM7,000 (system dependent).

Many installers has closed down and moved shop. The numbers of problematic car (users) tends to discourage family and friends to use, whereas their current experience is poor.

Low technical know-how is being NO-Confidence VOTE on NGV high. Even our DRX has been silenced in this NGVcommunity. Forum members does NOT need DRX (as we are intelligent now on NGV) but non-users still needs a person or people that has REAL-knowledge to contribute in boosting their confidence.

Since DRX has left, this forum has come to a standstill with some chit-chat. For new users, this chit-chat does not enhance confidence as many technical enquiries has gone unanswered, unlike before.

CLKONG once warned that NGVcommunity will NOT be what it is without DRX, and its experts. I hate to see that he is right. Non-users do not want to take risk anymore without real-expert BACKING if problem does exist. Existing Forum members (users) are not convincing enough as REAL-expertise. Too much 'try this' does not bring extra confidence.

Perhaps, DRX re-entry into this forum may help to rebuild some confidence, as it did before June 2008.

(b) NGV Dirty-Mess.
The NGV industry had alot new entrepreneurs that came in late in the game. Many started in August 2008 while the petrol price return back to RM1.92. 120 licensed installer has become 80 odd now. Some are considering to close down before end of the year, as lossing per month runs into RM10,000 above, excluding warranty claims.

Explosions accident brings a remainder to non-users, and the famous quote 'Bomb-on-Wheels' halts all consideration for buyers. It is the effect of bad press and a messy NGV inddustry.

Thus, a protem Malaysian NGV Association (MANGVA) has been formed, but it is in registration stage with Registrar of Society. The protem chairman, Mr Maniam from ABEX, is having a headache to get independent INSTALLERS to join in. Everybody was to be his own KING, and an alliance is a fictious proposal.

In short, NGV Industry is leaderless and a mess. It has not ability to regain the confidence of the users, let alone non-users.

From our sources, DRX has gone down to restructure this problem with his idea of 1NGV Alliance Platform. There seems to be some positive results, and its objective is to promote safety, profitable and responsibility/accountability in the Industry to everybody. He is surely headed for a MIGRAINE.

(c) is a positive spokeperson for NGV in Malaysia. How can be speak when its key motivators, DRX and Phillip NG, is absent. They remains to be NGV users, but 100% abstaining from comments on this community forum. The forum is practically run by NGV User who thinks they KNOW EVERYTHING. In truth, everybody knows that they know little or just repeating the old NGVInfo/Hijau/DRX/Dr Xander solutions.

People can't be fooled by this 'sharing' as they are not to convincing.

In summary, the element to boost CONFIDENCE is extremely LOW now in the market and in this forum.

DRX, what is your opinion on this matter? Speak up and don't hide. I know where you are working. ahd

Reply author: geoffreylee
Replied on: 29/09/2009 12:30:10 AM

kalau pengguna tidak pandu lebih daripada 100km sehari, tukar kepada NGV tidak akan jimat, suasana akan lebih membazir dengan kos membaiki kereta yang mahal dan lebih kerap.

Kos conversion yang paling murah adalah RM4000 termasuk kos maintainance kereta.

kes kajian

100km sehari, 5 hari seminggu = 2000km
Kos petrol = RM380
Kos NGV = 140
Beza = RM240 sebulan

RM4000 / RM240 = 16.6 bulan untuk dapat pulangan kos convertion

Jangan kita lupa kos extra untuk maintainance parts NGV dan engine kereta kita.

Reply author: cfs6
Replied on: 01/10/2009 4:02:31 PM

Originally posted by norazura

kenapa org ramai tahu bila minyak turun RM1.80,,Terus batalkan niat untuk menggunakan ngv.Sebenarnya ngv itu Lebih Jimat Lagi pada petrol,,fikir2 kanlah.

I just converted my Kancil a month ago and I am very happy with it.
I should have converted it earlier. (my petrol spending was RM400/months for the past 4 years!)

The reason i didn't convert my car earlier is because i have a misunderstand---I worried about gas leakage into the car compartment.
But now I understand, for a properly installed NGV, even if it has gas leakage it will not leak into the car compartment.

Also, now i have learned how to change engin oil, oil filter, spark plug, air filter and coolant all by my self. I don't need to go to Service center so often that save me money also.

Reply author: hoggies
Replied on: 11/10/2009 04:28:53 AM

It's all economics, when the cost to recover investment on NGV installation is over 18-months. It gets harder to justify.

I notice that Hijau is no longer operating in Selayang?

Reply author: geoffreylee
Replied on: 11/10/2009 12:15:38 PM

Shop is closed but he is around and still here and there talking about NGV

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