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 Alternative Fuels Gasohol 95
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Posted - 25/07/2006 :  01:18:36 AM  Show Profile  Visit admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote

Gasohol 95 is unleaded gasoline with 95% octane, comprising a mixture of gasoline and ethanol (virgin alcohol). The characteristics are the same as for general gasoline with 95% octane, but it is 1.50 baht per litre cheaper.

The gasohol project began in 1985, when His Majesty the King foresaw that Thailand might experience an oil shortage, as well as low prices for agriculture products. Therefore His Majesty initiated a personal project at Chitralada Gardens to study the use of sugarcane to produce alcohol (ethanol), which is then mixed with gasoline to make Gasohol. Experiments have been conducted with vehicles as part of the Chitralada project since 1994. Tests with both small and large engines all yielded good results in the testing center and on the road.

For a large-scale realization of His Majesty’s ideas, BCP has produced and distributed Gasohol 95 at Bangchak gas stations. After experimental distribution in 2001, at present there is widespread distribution at Bangchak gas stations in Bangkok and its suburbs.

“… You lose a lot of time, and a lot of gasoline, which is expensive. We also use a lot of gas when we drive. We try to use a small car to save gas, and it is not an old car, but a modern car that uses little gas. But now gas is expensive, I don’t know why. At this time many things are more expensive so it’s difficult for gas to become cheaper. Actually there is a way to make cheaper gas. Instead of using 95% octane, we try using 91% octane and adding a little alcohol to get 95%. This can be done. One day someone drove a small car from Bangkok to Hua Hin at 150 km/hour, using gas from Chitralada Gardens. It worked. That is, if you try to drive, you can drive, and the engine is not damaged. You can drive fast, and it does not require any more gas than before. On the other hand, the engine is clean with less pollution. The Gasohol we have made for 10 years works, and can be made from Thai products here in Thailand, and when we do it well, there is a lot. People complain that the sugarcane planted everywhere is too much, cannot be sold, and has a falling price. We can buy it at an appropriate price and use it to make alcohol. Sugarcane planters can make money, and those who make alcohol can make money, too…” (from the book Replacement Energy, Ethanol, and Biodiesel prepared by the Thailand Parliamentary Committee on Energy, first printing, December, 2002.)

Gasohol 95 is a mixture of gasoline and ethanol, that is, virgin alcohol, that has characteristics equal to those of general 95% octane gasoline, but is 1.50 baht per litre. This provides clean power for environmental protection. Combustion of Gasohol 95 produces lower levels of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide than general 95% octane gasoline, and helps to reduce black smoke, aromatic hydrocarbon, benzene, and dust emission from exhaust pipes. Therefore, Gasohol 95 is clean gasoline that can help to reduce environmental problems.

For the Nation
Provides replacement power, produced from vegetables in our country, to replace additional octane imported from abroad.
Saves over 30 billion baht in foreign currency per year.
Saves limited gasoline supplies by using ethanol mixed with gasoline to help reduce gas usage of the nation by a potential 10%, or 25 million litres per month.
Provides income to Thai farmers and a better quality of life, by producing ethanol from vegetation.
Reduces air pollution; 20-25% reduction in hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions; reduce carbon dioxide emission, which is the main factor causing the greenhouse effect; also reduces black smoke, aromatic hydrocarbon, and benzene emission.
Helps to spread investment, providing jobs in rural areas.
For you
Provides 95% octane gasoline for 1.50 baht per litre.
Helps the engine to combust fuel more completely.
Helps farmers, so that our compatriates in the countryside can sell products at a higher price.
Helps to reduce air pollution, which affects you, your children, and others in the country.

Question: What kind of engine can this be used with?
Answer: Every kind of gasoline engine that uses unleaded 91% or 95% octane fuel.

Question: Does the engine have to be modified?è
Answer: No. It can be used immediately with no modifications.

Question: How can we be confident that this gas has no adverse effects on the engine?
Answer: The product has been in widespread use abroad, in the United States of America, Europe, and especially Brazil, for more than 25 years, with no problems. In Thailand, a personal project of His Majesty the King at Chitralada Gardens, and a project of the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research, have experimented with its use for more than 10 years and not found any problems.

Question: Can we alternate its use with general gasoline of 95% octane?
Answer: Yes, you can use alternately fill up with this and 95% octane gasoline, even when the tank is not empty.

Question: Does an engine consume more Gasohol 95 than general gasoline of 95% octane?
Answer: There is extra consumption by about 2%, but it is still cost effective when you consider the reduced price.

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